Leading the trend Move-to-Earn mechanics achieved an incredible breakthrough in the Play-to-Learn market and rapidly gained popularity. In this article, we shall define move-to-earn and discuss the “pros” and “cons” of this type of Web3 games.

What is Move-to-Earn?

M2E, or Move-to-Earn, is a concept that allows people to earn cryptocurrencies by doing physical exercise.

Move-to-Earn projects, similarly to Play-to-Earn, which revolutionized the gaming industry, introduced an entirely new concept of earning to the blockchain world and inspired millions of people to take up sports.

Pros and Cons of Move-to-Earn


  • Health benefits. The main goal of M2E applications is to motivate people to do sports by giving cryptocurrency as a reward for their activity.
  • Short payback. The initial investment is likely to pay off in about 1.5–2 months, provided daily walks/runs. Moreover, with the growing demand for M2A applications, the capitalization and value of the game token can also increase and shorten the payback period.
  • Cheating protection. The creators anticipated that someone might try to earn cryptocurrencies dishonestly in their apps, so they created a feature that will identify and limit profits if a user cheats the system by riding a bicycle or scooter instead of running.


  • Initial investment. This is what prevents many individuals from earning via move-to-earn applications. To gain tokens, users must buy at least one sneaker.

Top Move-to-Earn Games:

There are already major M2E projects on the blockchain gaming industry with hundreds of thousands of gamers every day. Here are a few examples:

  • STEPN. No.1 Move-to-Earn app on the market, it works on Binance Smart Chain and Solana networks. Its idea is that you need to buy NFT sneakers and perform “runs” in them. In the “runs”, 0.2 energy is spent every minute and you get a reward in the form of GST tokens, which can then be converted into BNB/Solana or USDC.

  • AMAZY. A Move-to-Earn crypto game created by Russian developers. In addition to basic functions such as in STEPN, this game will be prepared for autumn and winter, letting users earn money by exercising on treadmills.

The mechanics of Move-to-Earn have introduced a new type of income to blockchain project users. However, along with its quick ascent, the concept attracted a large number of users who are unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies and blockchain. However, Move-to-Earn has set the trend for creating unique ways of earning. Thanks to this, many other projects that monetize the activities we are familiar with appear daily.

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