Blockchain games based on Play-to-Earn mechanics are the main trend of the last year. In this article, we will explore the specifics of such games and discuss some popular play-to-earn projects.

What is play-to-earn?

Play-to-Earn (P2E) is a concept of a blockchain-based project that makes it possible for users to earn cryptocurrency or NFTs by simply playing games.

This mechanic has truly revolutionized the gaming industry. There are currently a variety of P2E projects available on the market, and the list is updated every day.

The benefits and drawbacks of Play-to-Earn


  • Motivation. This is a critical factor in keeping users engaged in the game. The idea that they would be rewarded for doing what they enjoy encourages gamers to keep playing and discover new methods to increase their income.
  • Various earning opportunities. Because more and more new projects are being launched, each one is trying to develop a new revenue model in order to attract people. Today, you may make a profit in play-to-earn crypto games by owning digital real estate, upgrading virtual characters, creating in-game items, reselling game NFTs, and much more.
  • Gaming tokens. Investing in game tokens is one of the most popular types of investments in cryptocurrency. Behind such tokens, there is a real functioning game world, the development of which leads to an increase in the price of an in-game cryptocurrency.


  • Casuality. At the moment, the majority of play-to-earn games are built around one or more mechanics.
  • Initial investments. Not all games have this disadvantage, but in order to begin earning in play-to-earn games, you often need to make a starting investment, such as purchasing a gaming NFT or a minimum number of game tokens.

Popular Play-to-Earn games

Today, there are large projects in the blockchain games market that hundreds of thousands of players play every day. Here are some of the best play-to-earn games:

Axie Infinity. This play-to-earn game has exploded in popularity in the Philippines. In this game, you must assemble a team of three pets (Axie) and compete against other players. To attack an enemy, you must arrange a combination of cards representing the skills of your pets. As a reward for participating in battles, users earn an SLP coin.

  • Thetan Arena. This is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) play-to-earn game that is quite similar to the popular Brawl Busters game. You also fight on the battlefield for your hero against other players. Your profits in Thetan Arena are entirely dependent on your performance. After the battle, you will receive a certain amount of THC tokens based on the outcome of the battle.

  • Gods Unchained. An ancient gods-themed card game in which you collect your deck of cards and fight against another player with creatures or using spells. To earn you need to modify or “forge” cards to sell them. To do so, you need to use 2 copies of the card and a certain amount of in-game currency, which can be earned for playing with various gods.

Play-to-Earn mechanics have indeed made a breakthrough in the gaming industry and attracted a considerable audience of gamers to the blockchain community. Feedback from such users will help developers of play-to-earn projects create better products and add new earnings mechanics for players.

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